About Tinkers Damn

Who We Are
Vintage Globes and Suitcases

“Things have a life of their own, the gypsy proclaimed. It’s simply a matter of waking up their soul”
– Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What started as decor for the empty walls of a new Onoway family restaurant, Tinkers Damn has evolved.

Owned and operated by Lynette Robertson, from a life long interest in collecting items with a personal family history, into accumulating a variety of items with a curiosity for their past stories.

Like traditional Tinkers of old, who travelled the countryside repairing & renewing the essentials of everyday life, Lynette gathers the pieces of our past to be reloved & reused today.

Antique Kitcheware
Our Photos

We provide an mix of antiques, collectables and the unusual for sale.

Here are a few of our photos of products we have featured in our Onoway shop this year.

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